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B-certification – Why and How?
A talk on the ABC of B-certification.

What is the difference between A-people and B-people?
What does it mean to be a B-company?
How can companies combine flexibility and productivity?
How does your company benefit from a B-certification?
How do you become B-certified and how do you get started on B-implementation?

Innovative Work Culture – or the hamster wheel, alarm central, and regular deskwork.
A talk on how to create an innovative work culture.

Does your company want to recruit the best workforce, maximise productivity and lower sick leave? Then set your talented thinkers free. Let them work at different times, in different places and in different work rhythms both for their benefit and ultimately, your own. Start designing individual work times, work areas, and work rhythms that suit each individual talent.

The Cow, the Machine and Innovation
A talk on how to transform the industrial thought process into an innovative way of thinking.

The agricultural society was for A-people only. During the industrial society there was only room for those who could work on time, marching to the collective beat. In the innovative society there is a need for both A-people and B-people. It no longer matters when you get up for work. Now you can work at the right time for you.
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