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Below you will find the workshops we currently provide. If your organisation has other needs in relation to a workshop and your B-certification, we offer tailor-made solutions. Please contact us for more information.

Culture Chock – How to Successfully Discover and Use the Innovative Culture
This workshop goes through the typical stages that an individual or group goes through when they are introduced to a new “culture”. How can you get through the difficult stages and get become integrated quickly? Where are your adaptive strengths and where is there a need for improvement? What does your company do best in terms of work culture and where is there room for development?

A-people and B-people – Natural Prejudices and Fresh Understanding
Why should you focus on B-people? Why celebrate an individual’s work and life rhythm? This workshop takes you through the differences and similarities between A- and B-people and outlines the methods you can use to help you understand each other for better work collaboration and a stronger group identity.

How Do You Become A Great B-leader? Techniques for Innovative B-management
The most important aspect of a successful transformation into a B-company is the management’s experience, engagement and insight into B-culture and its benefits. This workshop focuses on how members of staff with managerial roles can support and inspire the company’s continuous transformation towards new and better work cultures, now and in the long term.
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