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B-implementation Program

For a full and successful implementation, B-productive has designed a B-implementation Program, which combines collective implementation processes with the recognition of individual work and life conditions.


The entire company staffs gathers for a kick-off seminar where B-productive is presented and B-implementation is explained.

Design of Individual Work and Life Conditions

B-productive runs courses with all staff members to determine individual work rhythms and create the optimum conditions for achieving a work-life balance. It takes time to change habits. To accommodate this change, the course runs over a five-week period in which staff members meet once a week for three hours. A maximum of 12 staff members is expected per course. Read more about the course here.

Establishment of an Accepting Work Culture

In conjunction with the course, anthropological fieldwork is carried out in the company to ascertain any potential conflict areas or barriers for successful B-implementation. Specific focus is placed on the balance between control/documentation/evaluation and self-management/flexibility in the organisation, current job descriptions and work processes, and to ascertain a clear picture of the current work culture.

B-productive’s anthropologists also contribute to the course, thus combining their research with the individual implementation process.

Additional Cultural Transformation Workshops can be run for management staff and other members of staff, if needed. The implementation of a B-culture is achieved through each colleague’s understanding of different work and life rhythms and how their organisation can change to accommodate them.

Scenario Workshop: Becoming the World’s Best Company

The B-implementation Program is finalised with a scenario workshop day where the company’s vision is connected to individual work and life situations. When there is a clear vision for the company and recognition of each staff member, then a company can be characterised as one of the ‘World’s Best Companies’. To become the World’s Best Company, the company strategy has to be connected to each individual member’s work and life conditions.
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