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What to do

To get your B-certification you need to:

1. 1.Fill out the self-certification sheet online

2. We will email to confirm your acceptance. Upon acceptance, you will immediately receive the electronic B-logo, which you can use on your company website and other marketing. Also, you will receive your payment invoice.

3. You pay for the certification by transferring the appropriate amount for your company (see below) to the B-productive bank account:
Sort code: 6610 Account no.: 2702086:

a. Self-employed (1 person): 200.00 DKK excl VAT
b. Company with 2-10 employees: 1.500 DKK excl VAT
c. Company with 11-50 employees: 3.000 DKK excl VAT
d. Company with 51-100 employees: 4.500 DKK excl VAT
e. Company with over 100 employees: 7.500 DKK excl VAT

4. When the payment has been registered, your company will be advertised as a B-certified company for potential job applicants on the B-society website.
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