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No of staff: 35
Start year: 1996
Work area(s): Human Resources
Website: www.unikhr.dk

UNIK’s mission is to nurture the unique in humans and organisations. Their dedication to finding individual solutions for their customers is also applied in their relationship with each staff member. In March 2007, one of their new employees, Ms Michala Hammer was able to negotiate a right to arrive 1½ hours later than normal as a B-person. Lise Holt Olesen, CEO at UNIK, didn’t have to think too long about her request:

“5-10 seconds at the most. It was little bit of a curious request, but we are used to all kinds of wishes. One of our employees has leave for three months every year, because she is an avid skier. Another only works 4 days a week, because she has a great love for glass art, which she does on the 5th workday. We have parents with small children, who are divorced and therefore go home early one week and later the next.”

Michala Hammer has always been a B-person. As a child, she had to be woken three times every morning and between 8-9am she never learned anything at school. She says about the work flexibility at UNIK:

“UNIK understands my needs for flexibility as a B-person. The flexibility they provide is designed in relation to the specific job you have and how this can be combined efficiently. There are some job functions that you can do at home and there is the possibility of lowering your work hours as a manager. You can also be hired as a self-employed worker.”

According to UNIK, this is all part of a development process. Development is a key word for UNIK. Lise Holt Olesen points out: “You need to have the courage to take on new challenges and keep your cool, not to be afraid of treating people differently, constantly creating new frameworks and meeting special requirements.”

The mantra at UNIK is ‘With you all the way’. Lise Holt Olesen explains, “This means that no matter what your situation or what kind of person you are, we will work hard to accommodate you, as long as it does not hurt or complicate other people’s spaces.”
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